29-30th March
Gothenburg, Sweden
8-12th May
Linkoping, Sweden

Tournament Rules can be found further down after the News section.

NEWS 2024-03-20
  New and updated Tournament Rules are published! I am excited to share that the rules for the Swordmasters Tournament has been totally revamped for this years encounters. We will be utilizing some ideas that has been launched with Dire Wolf official Digital version of the game in terms of Season rules. For each new game being started expect a rule change and options on how to earn extra points towards your victory!
  Furthermore, the mini expansion "Battle of Wills" will be used in both Legacy and Uprising when playing the Final rounds.

Duress, Tournament Organizer
Find me online over on Discord (Duress#6245) mostly playing DUNE: Imperium and lurking in the chats!

  • Participants register for play in the Tournament through the hosting venue's regular process. Follow this LINK for > GothCon.
  • You can register to play in any number of Qualifier Rounds.

  • A maximum limit of 16 Players per Qualifier Round applies.
    If space and resources permits then further 4-Player only games can be fielded at the organizer's discretion.

  • If there is a Player overcapacity then pre-registered Players will have priority on a first-come-first-serve basis.

  • Pre-registered participants have priority over Drop-In participants.

  Individual games throughout the Tournament can be video recorded from a top-down perspective of the board with an added caster commentary and uploaded to Youtube. However, no real names will be revealed anywhere and there will be no recording of live sound or faces. In the event any personal identifiable video would be recorded this will be blurred out in post production before being uploaded. Players will be identified in the games solely by Nicknames/Handles. Occasional top-down shots of hands and heads can and will occur.
  By participating in the Tournament you acknowledge and accept that games can be recorded and uploaded this way.

  • All games will be held at a location/room provided by the hosting venue. More detailed information follows on GothCons own homepage.

  • Qualifier Rounds for both Legacy and Uprising are played on Friday 29th March 8:00 and 13:00 local time.

  • The Finals for Legacy is played on Saturday 30th March 8:00 local time.

  • The Finals for Uprising is played on Saturday 30th March 13:00 local time.

The LINCON Tournament is still in its planning phase. More information will follow.
  • All games will be held at a location/room provided by the hosting venue. More detailed information follows on LinCons own homepage.

  • The Setup:
    Use the base game and any for the Tournament announced expansions.
    - The Imperium Row is determined and revealed before Leaders are picked.
    - The first Conflict card remains hidden.

  • Players:
    Fill games with four players as far as possible. As few games with three players should be fielded. No games with less than three players will be fielded.

  • Table & Seat Allocations:
    Player->Table->Seat are randomly assigned through a sorting hat containing tickets with unique Table and Seat combinations.

  • Player Colours:
    Randomly assign and distribute available token colours to each of the Players.

  • First Player & Play Order:
    Randomly select which Player takes the first turn (1st Player). Play order goes clockwise around the table.

  • Leader Picks: VOTE OFF (-2), HIDDEN PICKS (-4) & WILD CARD Methods applies.

    - VOTE OFF(-2): Each Player secretly votes off two Leaders they do not want to be pickable this round. The Tournament Organizer receives this information from each player and secretly removes the two Leaders with the most Votes from all Players. In the event of ties, the Tournament Organizer chooses a Leader with tied votes to be removed at their own discretion.

    - HIDDEN PICKS (-4): After the Vote Off another four Leaders are randomly removed from the Leader deck. Then the Leaders are given to the Player who plays the Last Round. That Player selects their Leader secretly from those remaining Leaders, then passes the turn counter-clockwise until all Players have selected their Leaders.

  • - WILD CARD: Once each Player have chosen their Leaders they make the choice to keep the Leader assigned to them or get one at random from the Hidden Picks Leaders, starting with the First Player. Players will not know in advance which Leader would be randomly assigned to them and if the choice to change is made the choice stands.

    After all Players have picked their Leaders all Players reveal them simultaneously.

  • Game Start: Reveal the first Conflict card as normal and start the game.

  • Normal End Game conditions at 10VP apply.

  • Determine each Players' Final Score and Position as normal.

  • Tournament Score is determined as follows:
    1st Place: 20 points + the point difference down to 2nd Place.
    2nd Place: 15 points + the point difference down to 3rd Place.
    3rd Place: 10 points + the point difference down to 4th Place.

  • Add Variant Rules Points to each Players Scores.

  • This is the Final Tournament Scores for each individual Player.


  • You can participate in any number of Qualifiers Rounds. Only your best result will count.

  • Finals and Semifinals (aka Wildcard) games always consist of four Players.

  • The X best Scores from the Qualifier Rounds qualifies directly to the Final game.

  • The Y second best Players moves on to the Semifinal games (if applicable).

  • X and Y are determined by the total number of Players in the Qualifier Rounds:
    4-16 Players (Up to four games): X=3, Y=4. The winning Y moves on to the Final game.
    17+ Players (More than four games): X=2, Y=8. The two winning Y from two separate Semifinal games moves on to the Final game.

  • If a X or Y Player does not show up for a game then Wildcard Seats are allocated to the next best Winning Player, then next best other Player, whoever is present.

  • A Player's Final Tournament Score is determined in the following order: Final > Semifinal > Placing > Best Tournament Score.

  • This should effectively create a total list of all Player's and their individual position in the Tournament.